David Berkowitz of Chicago – Great Lake Surfing

18 Sep

When you think of surfing, you probably think of Southern California or tropical Florida. However, there are many places on the East and West coasts where surfing is popular, including some places that don’t even touch the ocean.

David Berkowitz Chicago catches his waves on Lake Michigan, one of the six Great Lakes. An adventurer at heart, Berkowitz has surfed all over the world, though surfing the lake by his hometown of Chicago is his favorite venue of all.

Many people don’t know that it’s possible to surf on a lake. Due to the size of the Great Lakes, they can produce waves for the same reason the ocean can. Because of windy weather in the vicinity of the Great Lakes, the force transfers to the water creating waves.

Good surfing waves on the Great Lakes appear mostly during fall, winter and spring because the weather patterns that create the waves are most active during those times of year. Surfing is possible during the summer, but not as much as when the seasons are in transition.

David Berkowitz of Chicago surfs every year on Christmas Day, waves permitting. Of course, surfing in winter does carry the risk of hypothermia if you are not properly suited up for the cold water. One benefit to Great Lake surfers is that there is no risk of shark attack, although the other hazards of surfing do still exist.

Great Lake surfing brings a whole new dimension to the sport. Berkowitz is dedicated to the sport and encourages all who visit during the surfing season to give it a chance.

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