David Berkowitz of Chicago – Snowboarding Styles

20 Jun

There is lots of terminology involved with the sport of snowboarding, much of which can be divided by what type of terrain a certain person likes to ride, and the types of equipment they choose for it. Below are some examples and descriptions of different styles in the sport of snowboarding.

Park Riding

Park riders often migrate to the terrain parks of ski resorts, where they perform tricks on a variety of ramps, rails, spines and more. Park riders are very coordinated and quick, which enables them to move fast enough to pull off their dangerous tricks.

Backcountry Riding

Backcountry riding means that one is going snowboarding where there are no boundaries, because it is often far outside of resort limits. Backcountry riders are often trained in avalanche hazard safety, first aid and more because they are the only ones who can help themselves if they get hurt or stuck out there.

Slalom Riding

Slalom snowboarders ride in different clothing, on different board and generally carry a completely different style. Slalom snowboarders are speed-focused, often working to get through a slalom course with the best time possible. With limited jumps and curves, a slalom course is built mainly to see how fast a rider can go, and measure their control as they hit such speeds.

Street Riding

Street snowboarders are just like street skateboarders in the sense that they use their creativity to find jumps and obstacles they can perform innovative tricks on.

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