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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Snowboarding Styles

There is lots of terminology involved with the sport of snowboarding, much of which can be divided by what type of terrain a certain person likes to ride, and the types of equipment they choose for it. Below are some examples and descriptions of different styles in the sport of snowboarding.

Park Riding

Park riders often migrate to the terrain parks of ski resorts, where they perform tricks on a variety of ramps, rails, spines and more. Park riders are very coordinated and quick, which enables them to move fast enough to pull off their dangerous tricks.

Backcountry Riding

Backcountry riding means that one is going snowboarding where there are no boundaries, because it is often far outside of resort limits. Backcountry riders are often trained in avalanche hazard safety, first aid and more because they are the only ones who can help themselves if they get hurt or stuck out there.

Slalom Riding

Slalom snowboarders ride in different clothing, on different board and generally carry a completely different style. Slalom snowboarders are speed-focused, often working to get through a slalom course with the best time possible. With limited jumps and curves, a slalom course is built mainly to see how fast a rider can go, and measure their control as they hit such speeds.

Street Riding

Street snowboarders are just like street skateboarders in the sense that they use their creativity to find jumps and obstacles they can perform innovative tricks on.

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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Visit Florida

Florida, known to be the Sunshine State, is a leg-shaped state in the southeastern most part of the United States. It is a long yet narrow state that has many things to do within its lengthy coastline and rich nature reserves. Below are a few hints as to things you can do while in Florida.

First, the panhandle area has lots to offer in terms of scenery and atmosphere. First you have Pensacola, FL, which is home to military bases as well as beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. Further down you have Panama City, which is also a great beach and a hot spot for spring breakers every year.

Next, head down to the Everglades for a wildlife experience like no other. The Everglades are home not only to an array of reptiles, but also a number of other types of animals that are rarely seen anywhere else, such as pink dolphins, flamingos and more. The Everglades are perfect for a fan boat ride during the day; and campsites in the area are available though the bugs and humidity can be overwhelming at times.

David Berkowitz Chicago Saya,’Lastly, a trip to Florida is not complete without a stop in Miami. Miami is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches as well as one of the hottest nightlife scenes. Make sure to set a few days aside to sample all that Miami has to offer.’

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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Things to Do in Utah

There are many activities that a person can do in the state of Utah. It is known as an outdoorsman’s paradise; and it gets that name from all the activities one can do throughout all seasons n this beautiful state and its unique geography. Below is a small list of things that you can do while on a trip to Utah.

Go to Moab

Moab is known for being an adult’s playground, as there is so much to do in this outstanding scenic area. You can get lost for days in its vast expanse of spires, dusty desert landscape and spellbinding geography. It is a highly visited spot by those who like to rock climb as well as those who like to use their dirt bikes, jeeps, four wheelers and more to enjoy all of the off-road trails in the area.

Go Skiing

The area of Park City and Salt Lake City are so concentrated in ski resort areas that it only takes a thirty minute drive from your farthest point to get to some of the world-class skiing the area has to offer. There are resorts such as Park City, Canyons, Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and more that boats not only outstanding terrain but also the champagne powder that Utah is known for.

Go to Zion

Zion is also a highly-sought after destination in the southern part of the state. Zion is limited to its foot traffic, meaning that visitors must reserve a spot on the trail to go canyoneering or enjoy some of the other fun act ivies in this scenic area.

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