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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Making a Documentary

When engaging in the profession of film and cinema, there are a few aspects that the creator needs to pay close attention to. First, they must have a compelling story that grabs the attention of the audience and brings them to a point of commitment to your film. In the cases of creating a documentary, you need to accomplish exactly that without being able to add convenient explanations. SO when you are making a documentary, you should consider the following things:

First, always know how to find a way to make the goal of your protagonist something that can relate to the desires of the audience. It doesn’t have to be a complicated connection; it can be something as simple as reaching a lifelong dream or overcoming a fear. But establishing that connection is what will get the viewer to invest their time and attention into your film.

Second, build the story so that it stays within a timeframe and delivers the theme or message in an unmistakable manner. Real life happens over elongated periods of time; whereas you only have so much time in a movie theatre or on a couch to keep the attention of your audience. Weed out the unimportant parts and make every second count.

Lastly, include elements such as music, narration and more throughout the story to make it more appealing on a sensory level.

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