David Berkowitz of Chicago – Camping in Chicago

Who says you can’t camp out in Chicago? Not David Berkowitz. An avid outdoorsman and nature photographer, he knows it’s possible to go camping outdoors and still experience all that the Windy City has to offer.

First, there’s Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois. It’s only a two-hour drive from the city, and only $35 per night. It has a stunning waterfall, as well as electricity, showers and toilets. You can bring your pets, but leave your alcohol in the city. There are over thirteen miles of hiking trails there, and if canoeing and kayaking are your thing, there are opportunities nearby for you to do that as well.
There’s also Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, Illinois. This beautiful beachfront park has access to showers, firewood and electricity. As a bonus, it’s only an hour and a half from Chicago. This park is David Berkowitz’s personal favorite, as there are plenty of hiking trails that take you through marshes or dunes. There are also plenty of bike trails if that is your preference.

The LaSalle/Pero KOA has very favorable online reviews. There are unique rock formations lining the campgrounds. The hiking trails here lead to some waterfalls and even a small canyon, and only two hours away from the city to boot. Berkowitz has yet to camp overnight here, but he has taken photographs of the rock formations.

As David Berkowtiz Chicago knows, it is possible to get the urban experience of Chicago while enjoying the beauty, peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Road Trip Tips

Road trips are an epic right of passage for teenagers and young adults all over the country. They are also a family bonding experience that many parents are sure will bring their families closer together. David Berkowitz of Chicago frequently takes road trips as an opportunity to further his photography career. Whatever your reason, here are some tips to help you make the most of a road trip.

First, plan your route. Decide now if you want to take mostly Interstate freeways, or if you want to enjoy a more scenic route on back roads. When you plan your route, take into account when you need to reach your final destination, and allow yourself some wiggle room with your timeline. If you see what looks like the roadside attraction of a lifetime, you don’t want to have to pass it by because you are on a deadline.

Before you leave, make sure you have your valid driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration with you. Make sure you have a fuel rewards card, because you are going to need to make a lot or pit stops and it is going to add up fast. David Berkowitz of Chicago takes frequent road trips, and he always uses a fuel card when he does.

Make sure you have some cash on hand for any unexpected tolls. As a precaution, you’re going to want to text a family member or friend with your location when you stop for the night. It may sound overly cautious, but in case there is an emergency, someone should know where you are.

A road trip is a great way to see the country, bond with family and friends, and experience the freedom that comes from the wide-open road. Get prepared, make a plan and then hit the road.


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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Great Lake Surfing

When you think of surfing, you probably think of Southern California or tropical Florida. However, there are many places on the East and West coasts where surfing is popular, including some places that don’t even touch the ocean.

David Berkowitz Chicago catches his waves on Lake Michigan, one of the six Great Lakes. An adventurer at heart, Berkowitz has surfed all over the world, though surfing the lake by his hometown of Chicago is his favorite venue of all.

Many people don’t know that it’s possible to surf on a lake. Due to the size of the Great Lakes, they can produce waves for the same reason the ocean can. Because of windy weather in the vicinity of the Great Lakes, the force transfers to the water creating waves.

Good surfing waves on the Great Lakes appear mostly during fall, winter and spring because the weather patterns that create the waves are most active during those times of year. Surfing is possible during the summer, but not as much as when the seasons are in transition.

David Berkowitz of Chicago surfs every year on Christmas Day, waves permitting. Of course, surfing in winter does carry the risk of hypothermia if you are not properly suited up for the cold water. One benefit to Great Lake surfers is that there is no risk of shark attack, although the other hazards of surfing do still exist.

Great Lake surfing brings a whole new dimension to the sport. Berkowitz is dedicated to the sport and encourages all who visit during the surfing season to give it a chance.

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David Berkowitz Chicago – Urban Hiking

There’s a whole new kind of hiking taking off, and it doesn’t require a National Park or acres of undisturbed nature. Urban hiking, done in large cities like New York and Chicago, is a way to enjoy the beauty that cities have to offer. You can fully experience your city’s hidden gems by hiking it.

David Berkowitz of Chicago has been participating in urban hiking for a few years now, and has found it to be an invigorating physical experience. Berkowitz also uses urban hiking as an opportunity to take his photography to the next level.

An avid backpacker, Berkowitz finds that hiking is a way to fully absorb his surroundings while also using the hike as a time of introspection and inner dialogue. Urban hiking has become a movement, with backpackers across the nation using cities as the perfect place to hike – no nature necessary.

In Chicago, there are plenty of popular urban hikes to take, although some prefer to suit up and just see where the day takes them. Berkowitz, also an accomplished photographer, took one of his most well-received photos when he was hiking to the Baha’i temple.

If you want a good mix of urban and natural, as Berkowitz does, try hiking all 18 miles of the Chicago Lakefront. Soak in the beauty of what nature made and what man made, all in the same hike.

There are plenty of ways to find good hikes within Chicago and other metropolitan areas, if you do a little digging. Whether you love the urban life and want to stay city-side, or want to break from the hustle and bustle to find a little bit of nature hidden in your city, urban hiking may be exactly what you need.

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Tips for a Safe Backpacking Trip

For those who enjoy the great outdoors for its beauty and quiet, backpacking is one of the best ways to truly unplug from the world and take the time to reflect and rejuvenate. By completely disconnecting from technology, your body can regain its natural rhythms that move with the coming of day and night, a cycle that technology tends to constantly overpower. David Berkowitz of Chicago is a professional photographer who often takes his work out into the woods, and he recommends the following to ensure a safe backpacking trip:

  1. Learn how to safely put on your pack when it is at full weight. If you reach down and try to sling your bag onto your back like you would a normal backpack, you’re at great risk of injuring or straining your back. Simply pull it up onto your upper leg and slip into it, transferring your weight from your leg to your back fluidly. Or, rest it against a tree or stump and slip into it from behind.
  2. Drink more far more water than you would normally, and eat whole meals. You are losing an incredible amount of water and calories during backpacking. Be sure to pack backup water bottles, iodine to treat your water and a dromedary for your campsite.
  3. Take it slowly. Take lots of water and snack breaks, and don’t powerhouse your way up the mountain. Backpacking is about steady progression. If you sprint to get to camp, you will more than likely tire out and get stuck in a bad spot when the weather starts to roll in.
  4. Leave early each morning from camp to make it to your next camp spot early in the afternoon. That way, you can have camp set up by the time any afternoon showers and storms begin.
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Building a Solid Photography Portfolio

Transitioning from an amateur to a professional photographer is an exciting endeavor that takes an incredible amount of preparation and dedication. As you begin to mature in your photography career, there are numerous steps and important tips to keep in mind to ensure your success. David Berkowitz of Chicago, a professional sports and wilderness photographer, recommends the following:

1. Keep diversity in mind. Make sure that you include multiple types of shots in your portfolio. Using images that look incredibly similar in composition will fail to look as impressive as a portfolio that shows a depth and variety in your talent.

2. Be certain that each photo in your portfolio has earned its place. Looking toward colleagues and friends whose opinion you trust is key here. Each photograph in your portfolio should be impressive and elicit a “wow” response from everyone who looks at them. Anything less than your most stunning work simply does not belong in your portfolio.

3. Leave the impression in your presentation. The first photograph in your portfolio must be some of your strongest work because your viewer will go no further if your first photo does not leave an excellent impression. This is also true of the very last photograph. Of course, every photograph must be of your highest quality, but the first and last photographs are what will stick in your viewer’s mind the most clearly.

4. Include both print and digital portfolios for your viewer. Print tends to be recommended, as the final say of photography is in print form. However, a digital portfolio may prove useful to you when you need a quick and convenient way to show a potential editor your work.

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David Berkowitz of Chicago – Snowboarding Styles

There is lots of terminology involved with the sport of snowboarding, much of which can be divided by what type of terrain a certain person likes to ride, and the types of equipment they choose for it. Below are some examples and descriptions of different styles in the sport of snowboarding.

Park Riding

Park riders often migrate to the terrain parks of ski resorts, where they perform tricks on a variety of ramps, rails, spines and more. Park riders are very coordinated and quick, which enables them to move fast enough to pull off their dangerous tricks.

Backcountry Riding

Backcountry riding means that one is going snowboarding where there are no boundaries, because it is often far outside of resort limits. Backcountry riders are often trained in avalanche hazard safety, first aid and more because they are the only ones who can help themselves if they get hurt or stuck out there.

Slalom Riding

Slalom snowboarders ride in different clothing, on different board and generally carry a completely different style. Slalom snowboarders are speed-focused, often working to get through a slalom course with the best time possible. With limited jumps and curves, a slalom course is built mainly to see how fast a rider can go, and measure their control as they hit such speeds.

Street Riding

Street snowboarders are just like street skateboarders in the sense that they use their creativity to find jumps and obstacles they can perform innovative tricks on.

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